Thursday, July 13, 2006

Trip Planning

I've decided to start a blog about my planned bicycling adventure on the Oregon Coast, set for September of 2006.

While mulling over a longer bike ride, I considered biking the entire West coast from Anacortes, Wash., where I live to San Diego. Then I considered biking just to Santa Ynez Valley in central Santa Barbara County. As I got more serious, I realized this would mean closing my business for as long as two months, too long for my clients to hang out without a Webmaster.

My trip now is less than two months away and I'm planning on biking from Astoria to Brookings Oregon, a distance somewhat under 400 miles. My plan is to follow the Adventure Cycling route map for this area, which generally follows US Highway 101. But, their route diverts off the highway for several reasons, which appear to include less congestion (read that car and truck traffic) and better scenery.

I've been an avid cyclist for several years now and it's been a dream to bike across country. When that appeared to be too much, I compromised on a trip down the West coast, a route I dearly love. But, as I get closer to actually leaving, it's clear that I just can't be gone as long as that trip would take.

Right now, I expect to do the trip in about 8 days.


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