Monday, July 17, 2006

My Weight

Yes, my weight is bound to be an issue for me on my planned bike adventure down the Oregon coast in September. I weight in right at 200 pounds now. I'd like to lose at least 20 pounds before the trip. With that kind of weight loss, it might make uphill rides a bit easier. I've already lost 50 pounds since I started seriously biking a year ago.

I have just recently re-started my South Beach Diet. I went on this a year ago because the doctor had warned me of marginally high blood pressure and marginally high cholesterol levels. The diet has worked in bringing down both to an acceptable level. Neither is what they were when I was younger (I'm 62 now), but pretty good. I think it's keeping me off drugs, but I wonder how long.

My real problem is that some days I just don't feel like getting on my bike. Today's one of those days. The weather isn't bad today; it's just that I don't feel like biking. And, I've got work I can do.


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