Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Post script

Catherine shot this picture on my last day.

Some afterthoughts:
  • Kudos to Oregon State Parks for what I think is an excellent operation: hot (or warm) showers in their parks and yurts (with heate & electricity) in most parks with campgrounds. Harris Beach campground, near Brookings, even has a laundromat (though no yurts).
  • Weather was perfect. No rain for seven days. Fog on one day, but not thick enough to make biking dangerous. Temps ranging in the 60's in most places; in the low 70's when I was travelling inland a couple miles.
  • Best lunch spot: Otis Cafe. Turns out this place is known among bicyclists. It was crowded. Don't miss this little cafe, about a mile or two off highway 101.
  • Some of highway 101 was near perfect for bicycles, wide shoulders and smooth pavement. Unfortunately, too much of the route has no or narrow shoulders.
  • Too much crushed glass in the shoulders forced me into auto lanes. I hate to do that, but I think if government wanted bicycles on shoulders, it would keep shoulders clean. Not enough bicycle lanes marked as such.
  • Worst shoulders: in the town of Charleston on Cape Arago Highway. And, interestingly, that road had local groups adopting the highway. Worst section was adopted by the Charleston Community Policing Association.
  • Major problem: Crossing into North Bend on 101 bridge. Highway sign requests bicyclists to walk their bikes, but the sidewalk is chock full of crushed and broken glass. Guess whoever made the walk decision never actually walked across the bridge. Bicycling across is a major disruption of traffic and I'm told cops can ticket anyone holding up traffic.


At 9:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Art! Sounds like a great ride. Great photos and fun commentary, too.

We look forward to hearing more and seeing more phots.

Bob and Jan

At 5:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Completely agree, sounds like a wonderful ride. The picture is great.

Going cycling in Mallorca next week. Can't wait! :)


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