Sunday, September 10, 2006

Day 5 - Honeyman to Sunset Bay State Park

Umpqua lighthouse.

Biked 53 miles today.

Cold this morning...sun seeped into the campground and our yurt late. But, I got on my bike by 10am. Stopped by the hiker-biker camp and found two other folks who were just heading out. I rode with them for a mile or two and finally left them. Just too slow for me. I sure don't know why I'm in a hurry, but I guess I'm worried I'll get to the destination, Sunset Bay State Park late in the day. My long day to Newport must have be a big skittish.

Another day seeing no other bikers, except the first two this morning. Getting kinda lonely. I know there are others on the road. I had bumped into maybe 20 earlier this week. I was looking forward to seeing Lexie at lunch. Talked to her via cell phone and we settled on Umpqua Lighthouse as the place to meet. Again, she had made nice wraps for lunch not far from the lighthouse...and beside a nice lake.

The very high and long bridge into North Bend has been rumored to be a problem for bikers. Some have said cops will ticket bicyclists who ride the bridge. I took a look at the long uphill to the center span and the heavy and fast traffic flow and decided to walk. That took at least a half hour...the bridge was about a mile long. But, I wish the folks who want bikers to walk that bridge would actually walk it themselves. The sidewalk was full of broken and crushed glass all the way.

I scooted through North Bend and headed to Charleston, just 3 miles short of Sunset Bay State Park. I met Lexie in Charleston...we got a apple fritter and I walked my bike across the road and found I had a flat. Must have just got it. We put the bike on the car and drove to the campground, where, again, Lexie had obtained a yurt.

I fixed the flat and was surprised it seemed to hold.


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