Monday, September 11, 2006

Day 6 - Sunset Bay to Humbug Mountain

View toward Port Orford...

Biked 58 miles today.

Left camp around 9:30 and caught up with two English bikers, Robert and Catherine, on a tandem. I had ridden with them earlier but it was especially nice to find them since I spent most of the previous two days riding alone. We had several short, but very steep hills after Sunset Bay. But, we took our time and had great fun talking while riding at a comfortable pace.

We rode Seven Devils Road for about 20 miles. Very little traffic. No shoulders, but with no traffic it was just fine. Perfect for chatting. They are perfect campanions. It was another nice day. But, we spotted a barking dog ahead...approached slowly...the dog just continued to bark... until we got about even with him, then he chased us like mad. We tore off and lost him a couple hundred feet from his driveway. Boy, he could run!

We joined up with Lexie in Bandon and had a great lunch at the Bandon Coffee Cafe. Had a swell time. After Bandon, we apparently went through Denmark and Sixes, but didn't see any sign of them. More hills...

Robert and Catherine lost me as we came into Port Orford. Those two go downhill much faster than I can. At one point, they measured 50 mph on their tandem. Lexie bumped into them in a grocery store in Port Orford and invited them to dinner. I went on to Humbug Mountain, where Lexie had secured a tent site (no yurts). Robert and Catherine pulled into the adjoining site and we had a great chili dinner cooked by Lexie.


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